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Hayleys PLC, Sri Lanka Multinational Conglomerate, started operations as Charles P. Hayleys& Co. in 1878, and has diversified its activities into many spheres. Hayleys Agriculture, was formed in the 1950's to cover up Agriculture needs of Sri Lanka. The Hayleys group ventured into its export oriented agriculture based project in 1988, to supplying gherkins processed in brine to prickle producers in Australia, Europe, Japan, New Zealand and USA.

HJS Condiments Limited formed in September 1993, with Joint venture partnership from Japan and Europe to produce value added gherkins and other pickles vegetables in retail packs to fast food chains, restaurants, hotels and supermarkets. Read More > > >

Hayleys Agriculture

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Processed Gherkins and Jalapeno

Gherkins are a slightly different member of the cucumber family. When we think of pickles, we think of the standard cucumbers. However, the process of pickling can be done to most vegetables and fruits that are not very soft, such as beet, peaches, etc....
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Value added fruits and vegetables

In addition to pickles, we have now expanded our product range to cover processed tropical fruits and vegetables in various recipes, according to customer requirements. Our products have organic certification and comply with global hygiene regulations.... Read More > > >

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