Corporate Social Responsibility

As a company we define corporate social responsibility as looking beyond a strong bottom line where customer business goals and objectives meet. The more responsible we keep for today, will benefit for better future. Hence, we ensure that this business pulse beats with strength by enhancing our employee morale and strengthening brand loyalty among our communities and uplifting their lives. With energy saving and waste reduction, we approach three key area; Food, Environment, people.

Our commitment to Food

Our company has merged high quality with good taste using recipes that enhance taste and quality around the world. With the accreditation of Global Fast Food Chains, quality and system certification, we keep and maintain the best food hygiene practices. Also, our product innovation teams are constantly working to develop new options, recipes, products that provide a variety of great tasting food while meeting our customers’ evolving lifestyle needs.

Our commitment to Environment

The change in globalization and role of business sustainability in the environment creates more challenges and necessity in our business, including the satisfying customer needs and maintaining good environmental and hygienic practices. We continuously monitor sourcing and environmental impact from farmer level to ensure good corporate citizens and a healthy environment for the future. Our teams continuously carry out research and development projects to find ways to make changes that will positively impact the environment without compromising operational standards, whilst maintaining environmental management system of ISO 14001.

With sustainable environmental practices and production process we have achieved Carbon Conscious and Water Conscious manufacturer status and are planning to become the leading environmental conscious manufacturer, complying with global needs.

Our commitment to people

We are dedicated to supporting and investing in our people; employees, farmers, suppliers, clients and customers who are the main foundation of our business. Our determination is to approach every situation with dynamic, innovative and win win thinking. As a company we upgrade our policies with regularly and are committed to developing various programmes to empower all our communities.

Our projects

Shelter for Your Family – Relief for Your Soul

Shelter for Your Family – Relief for Your Soul

As a part of our corporate social responsibilities helping our employees to enhance their lives and living standards is one of our goals. One of human kind’s greatest challenges in this century will be to ensure suitable and balanced development.

We as a team believe that sustainability will arise by balancing the needs and necessities of our employees.

HJS Condiments Limited and its sister company Sunfrost Private Limited have initiated a CSR Project to build a house for one employee who has no shelter or funds to build his/her own house.

The employee will be selected by a committee members after verification of details from Grama Sewa Niladari and District secretariat within the area.

This will be an on-going project, where we hope to donate a house every year.