Sunfrost Private Limited

Farmer network around the country

Sunfrost Private Limited is dedicated to maintaining agricultural practices to enhance the quality of the farmers’ lives and their communities as well as to satisfy customer’s expected quality.

We are strengthened with 12,000 farmer networks around the country with the fresh should and the diversified climate of our small island.
We are very conscious of the ever-changing lifestyle of people all over the world and make every effort to satisfy their needs. Our farmer extension officers develop new innovative strategies to protect the environment and keep our customers’ delighted.

Farmers are provided with inputs such as seeds, fertilizer, agrochemicals, and yarn on a credit basis. During the crop, the extension offers to provide the necessary farmer training and education required to protect the crop and get high yields, while ensuring that approval chemicals are used. Crops are purchased at guaranteed prices, giving stability to farmer income and enhancing their living standards. Traceability of the crops is maintained continuously to ensure the highest quality standards are adhered to.


Handpicked and ensure the freshness

Our farmers handle crops carefully ensuring freshness and less postharvest loss our crops from farm to factory. Our field officers always monitor and ensure safety measures for our crops and communities as a whole.


Sustainable sourcing

We believe that our responsibility to empower our farmers by creating a sense of pride in our nation and culture our farmers by creating a sense of pride in our nation and culture in order to encourage future generations and sustain the growth in Agricultural sector to continuously produce fruits and vegetables and sustain the growth of our agricultural sector for the healthy lifestyle.

Product fruits and vegetables for a healthy lifestyle.

Further, we have developed our cultivation programs by using renewable energy sources by ensuring less carbon emission for our produce.

Ensuring the sustainability of our products will enable us to enhance brands, meet new market demands, attract the best performance within farmer and employee levels, and ensure a reliable supply of good quality products. it will also enable us to mitigate risks, harmonize standards by creating value for society.