Our People

Our team consists of highly skilled and qualified food scientists and agriculture degree holders with over 20 years’ experience in food processing, who are motivated with shared knowledge in cultivation and processing of food based products.

We generate multidisciplinary skills by providing career opportunities and incentives such as training in related fields; extension work and in plant training to undergraduates. We ensure that all employees aware of innovations and new developments that are taking place within our production environment.

Improvements in our safety and quality systems and their certifications are spread across organization. We are aware of changing diverse opportunities and provide an atmosphere, where passionate and talented people have the possibility to grow and develop.

We are committed to keeping our core values :

  • Customer care
  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Innovation
  • Team work and
  • Leadership

which when coupled with the business concept, goals and strategies guide us in making decisions and conducting business