Moringa Oleifera

Why is this tree so beneficial?

  • Lets start with the fact that it can grow in soils where many plants can’t.  Once the moringa tree grows, it deposits organic matter back into the ground and over time actually can make the ground more fertile!
  • The plant produces seed pods.  Inside of these seed pods you of course find seeds.  You can eat them or plant them for more trees.
  • The seeds also serve additional purposes:  They contain 50-60% oil.  This oil is extremely beneficial for the skin as a mositurizer and can be used to treat cuts and scrapes.  The oil is also an extremely clean burning fuel.  Imagine the possibilities here for a family that survives off their land.
  • Now take it one step further, after the seeds are mashed to produce the oil, the seed pulp itself can be added to water and will actually purify the water.  The pulp attracts dirt, germs and bacteria and allows it to settle to the bottom with the pulp leaving cleaner water.  This is also the believed effect that happens within the body when the plant is consumed.
  • Now we have the leaves and we will go into more detail on the actual nutritional value of the leaves a bit further down the page, but they are extremely nutritious and are often used to brew tea or are dried (which actually increases the potency) and milled into a fine powder.  This powder has been used for many years by aid organizations to treat malnutrition in third world countries and is a cheap alternative to many medicines.
  • Now you can also take the the left over leaves and stems and grind them up to be added to livestock fodder.  Studies have shown large percentage increases in both mass and milk production when this plant is added to the diet!
  • For farming, the same parts that are added to the livestock fodder can be added to the water applied to crops and increases in size of crop can also be attained.
  • The flowers can be eaten and used in teas
  • The root is used in Aruyvedic medicine as well as a substitute for horseradish :)
  • the benefits of this tree go on and on…..

Now you can see why this tree was so amazing to me.  Never before has there been such an opportunity to change lives all over the world than there is with this special tree.

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