Jackfruit Based Products


Jackfruit is a large fruit borne tree and endemic to Sri Lanka. Jackfruit is growing without any dependence on artificial irrigation, pesticides, and herbicides to survive. We source jackfruit from abandoned forest reserves in Sri Lanka which ensure sustainable sourcing and ethically.

Range of Products

Jackfruit bears around 100 - 200 fruits per year giving high yielding crops for our farmers. ensuring Jackfruit contains a high content of dietary fiber and protein and with its meaty texture properties gives you wholesome meals with a versatile flavor. We have our processing facility to process jackfruit to ensure its quality and processed in fresh form.

Guaranteed Quality

As an organization we always consider sustainable plant-based supply for our customers. Hence we are maintaining ethical sources from the isolated forest reserves and ensuring the continuous supply for our customer base. While developing our existing products our research and development team are working on diversified product recipe such as ready-to-eat meals, burgers etc. while ensuring a wholesome meal for our customers.