Coconut Based Products


Coconut is one of the most superfruit grown in our own farmer networks in Sri Lanka sustainable sourcing throughout the year. With the enriching of soil and the covers in an island, the foods build in coconut has a more versatile flavor and more benefit keto diet plant for your meals.

Range of Products

Unlikely many other fruits the coconut contains healthy fatty acids named medium-chain triglycerides (MCT). They also contain protein, several important minerals and a small amount of Vitamin B. your body metabolizes medium-chain triglycerides different than other types of fats, absorb directly from the small intestine and rapidly using them for the form of energy. Coconut is especially rich in Manganese which is most essential for bone health and the metabolism of carbohydrates and cholesterol.

Coconut helps to improve your cardiac health

With several research studies proves that coconut helps to improve your cardiac health which contains high medium-chain triglycerides and it helps to aid digestive health in your body and support for bowel regularities. Additionally, MCT in coconut milk helps to strengthen the gut bacteria which helps to protect against inflammation.

Other than these benefits coconut-based products helps to;

  • Stabilize the blood sugar levels. Coconuts are contained less carbohydrate and high in fat and fibre. The fibre of the coconut meat helps to slow digestion and improve insulin resistance which helps to regulate blood sugar level as well.(More)
  • Coconut meat contains phenolic compounds which help to protect cells against oxidative damages.