Charles Pickering Hayley forms Chas P. Hayley & Co. in Galle.


Hayleys PLC, Sri Lanka Multinational Conglomerate, started operations as Charles P. Hayleys& Co. in 1878, and has diversified its activities into many spheres. Hayleys Agriculture, was formed in the 1950’s to cover up Agriculture needs of Sri Lanka. The Hayleys group ventured into its export oriented agriculture based project in 1988, to supplying gherkins processed in brine to pickle producers in Australia, Europe, Japan, New Zealand and USA.

HJS Condiments

HJS Condiments Limited formed in September 1993, with Joint venture partnership from Japan and Europe to produce value added gherkins and other pickles vegetables in retail packs to fast food chains, restaurants, hotels and supermarkets. Currently, HJS Condiments has expanded markets to cover North American and European countries with several business partners, fast food chains, etc.
The company currently has several production lines and production lines and accounts for over 43% of the island’s total fruit and vegetable exports, spanning more than 43 countries worldwide.


As a company, we maintain several international accreditations while satisfying customers’ expected quality. Our processing facility is recognized and approved by leading food manufacturers and food services around the world.

Our Vision

"To be a leading plant-base food and beverages manufacturer in Asia and to remain No. 1 plant based products supplier and exporter in Sri Lanka"

Our Mission

"Semi-processed and processed whole, sliced fruits and vegetables to food processors, fast food chains, hotels, hospitals, restaurants, supermarkets & departmental stores with an exclusive supply chain for gherkins, Red Bell Pepper, Guindilla, Jalapeno pepper, Pineapple, Papaya, Mango and Banana. Organic and conventional fruits and vegetables in wet or dried form and also in the form of juice. Pure coconut based products such as coconut water, coconut milk, and virgin coconut oil to supermarkets and food processors, jackfruit, banana based ready-to-eat products to supermarkets and food manufactures all around the world."

Alawwa Processing Factory

Alawwa Processing Factory